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Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

my , my self and i

everybody called me Ririn,studied at university Trisakti, majoring in design communication visual.I love fashion, especially regarding the socialite. like I love cristian Louboutin, I likeYves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana ..

I really like shopping ..moreover I always shop with my friend that is ve. or a more complete together like we always come to the mall, and buy up anything that couldlook worth it.....>>>>>>>>>>>>

I also frequently invited by my friend to come to events like louboutins, YSL, D & G,gucci, max mara, channels and others.

I really love my family residing in the town fields, such as mother and father are also brother and my sister. sometimes I can go home to the city about 2 or 3months, and even then when I'm off. how much I missed with my family.

I really love with my boyfriend ... his name andre, we live long distancerelationship. but this has been running long enough, on March 20, yesterday wemenrayakan our 2 year anniversary. its so happy even though we did not meet each other. 
this one ! lol 
. was inspired by chicmuse! i love her fashion.
I got to collect all the photos from her blog. about 250 photos that I collect. LOL! Ireally liked the style and manner of expression in each of her photographs. she's so stunning! gorgeous! and hilarious!

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